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End Rape Now!

Women are our Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Spouses, Girlfriends, Daughters, and Friends.

Take Action & Stop Rape Now!

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Our Mission

Because there is an escalating global war against our daughters, My Daughter's Team will market and fundraise for groups with effective strategies for preventing rape, incest, FGM, and trafficking, in order to better coordinate, market, fund, and grow these efforts, so we win the War on our Daughters!

Female Friends

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A Supportive Hug


These statistics highlight the urgent need to take action to prevent sexual violence and support survivors. This can include implementing comprehensive prevention programs, improving response and support services, and creating a campus culture that values consent and respects boundaries.

Are you on "My Daughter's Team"?

At all times in my personal actions, I will protect and defend women against rape, incest, FGM and trafficking.

With my signature I want it to be known, I'm on My Daughter’s Team!

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