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Our Mission

Because there is an escalating global war against our daughters, My Daughter's Team will market and fundraise for groups with effective strategies for preventing rape, incest, FGM, and trafficking, in order to better coordinate, market, fund, and grow these efforts, so we win the War on our Daughters!

Rape is a heinous and unacceptable act that causes immense physical, emotional, and psychological harm to its victims. It is important to take concrete steps to prevent rape and support those who have experienced it. Here are a few ways to help end rape:

  • Educate yourself and others about consent and healthy relationships.

  • Support survivors by believing them and providing them with resources, such as hotlines and counseling services.

  • Advocate for laws and policies that protect the rights of survivors and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

  • Speak out against rape culture and challenge the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that enable rape to occur.

  • Get involved in organizations and movements that are working to end rape and support survivors.

It's crucial to work together to create a culture where everyone feels safe and respected, and where sexual violence is never tolerated.

Our Goals

Spread empathy
through education

Increase donations equally

End Rape and Support Survivors 

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