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When I learned I had cancer, one of my first reactions was how I would protect my children, most especially my daughter, if I wasn’t here, to protect them. The reactions led me to launch My Daughter’s Team, piggybacking on a marketing campaign I created in my first novel, “I’m on my Daughter’s Team.”


Like so many parents, I worried about the safety of my children when they went to high school gatherings, and eventually left for college; because we saw everything that happened around us when we were in high school and college. But we’ve learned the brutal truth from Clery Act statistics where colleges must report violent crime and rape on campus. While at the same time, we know so many crimes against women go unreported because of the social stigma and brutally unkind US legal system.


So, with time of the essence, we’re launching My Daughter’s Team in hopes parents, families, mothers, daughters and especially sons, can rally together to protect our daughters across America and the world.

Simply put, over the year, we’re going to get into high schools and college campuses, meet with fraternity and sorority leaders and we’re going to ask hundreds of thousands of students, to be on My Daughter’s Team, and sign the My Daughter’s Team pledge!

“Across the world there is a war on women, our daughters and its time to stand up against it,” stated Kelly Lewis, Esquire, founder of My Daughter’s Team. “Rape, incest, FGM and trafficking are all on the rise in America and it’s time for fathers and mothers to stand-up for their daughters and fight against these evil forces.”


Lewis is the author of Rheingold: Born Fatima, a book focused on ending female genital mutilation FGM. In 2022, over 3 million young girls were subjected to FGM. 10 nations in Africa still have 95% rates of young girls subjected to FGM.  With border immigration, FGM is increasing in America. The book started the “I’m on my Daughter’s Team” movement.

In the battle between good versus evil, we're losing the War on our Daughters. In direct response, we're building a team of good people, to speak, write, fight, and tell the stories of The War on our Daughters. Efforts like Guardian Group are fighting back. Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States. In the war on our daughters, “I'm on my Daughter's team.”


A former state legislator, Kelly Lewis, Esquire is a lobbyist, lawyer and author of the book, Rheingold: Born Fatima

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A Woman

A Man

An Heiress

Destiny, fate, faith.

Can this trinity end one of civilizations’ worst crimes against women?

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