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The Pledge for My Daughter's Team


Women are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, spouses, girlfriends, daughters, and friends.


At all times, I support and defend laws protecting a women's right to live a life free from the threat of rape, incest, sexual assault, harassment, exploitation, stalking, trafficking, or any other form of violence. 


However, despite these laws, violence against women increasing, and I want to take a stand and make the public statement - I'm on My Daughter’s Team, the international movement to prevent rape, incest, FGM and trafficking.


I support programs and activities to prevent rape, incest, FGM, and trafficking in our communities, and will help whereever I can.


I pledge to hold my contemporaries accountable for their actions towards women, to respect womens’ voices, and to lift them up if they are silenced.


At all times in my personal actions, I will protect and defend women against rape, incest, FGM and trafficking.


With my signature below I want it to be publicly known, I'm on My Daughter’s Team!

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Angela Guth
Bill Finnegan
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Kaytee Isley
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